Skyhio “Ya Hemi” Vape Review

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Let’s talk about vaping. It can be an intimidating thing to want to start because of all the different options. It can also be intimidating because of legal and health concerns. I had all these same concerns and questions when I first started getting into vaping, specifically vaping. Have no fear. We answer your questions to allow for you to have a simple and exciting first experience with vaping.
Choosing Your Vape Product

Now that some of the basic questions have been answered, it’s time to move on to another intense question. Which flavor and strain should you choose to try? Now that’s the question of the day. Which to try? There are so many options available on the general market it might be too much to handle. I know I was intimidated the first time I started looking at flavors and strains. Where do I even begin?

Something that can be confusing when you first begin your Cookies online Dispensary THC vape search is packing labeled as Sativa dominant or Indica dominant strains. What does that mean? Different strains are how scientists identify different cannabis plants. Sativa dominant strains are more motivating and uplifting. Indica dominant strains are more sedative and relaxing.

So the first thing you want to decide upon when looking at vapes is the way it will make you feel. Want something uplifting? Look at the Sativa dominant strains. Want a relaxing sensation? Indica dominant strains are the way to go. Know the answer to that question and you’re ready to choose your flavor.

If you have any concerns or questions, check out Skyhio’s website directly. THey offer some crazy flavors and have some of the best quality products on the market. Each flavor has a breakdown of what it tastes like, what strain it is, and how it typically makes consumers feel. I go to this site all the time when I’m looking for new products to try.
Ya Hemi

When I opened the packaging for Skyhio “Ya Hemi”, I got a strong flower smell. This surprised me, because the label was geared more towards a sugary sweet scent. This wasn’t deterring at all. I was actually surprised by the sweet flower taste from Skyhio Cheetah Piss. I figured Skyhio “Ya Hemi” would be something similar.

I attached the vape to my KR1 Bubbler and took a slow shallow puff. My mouth exploded in a sweet and sugary flower taste that hit all of my sweet tooth spots and more. I was instantly in heaven. A second puff and third puff nearly put me to sleep on the couch. Skyhio “Ya Hemi” is Indica dominant and is reported to have heavy sedation effects. Boy is that description right. I completely enjoyed my experience.

I managed to not fall asleep on the couch, but I relaxed completely. My husband actually thought I had fallen asleep, but I hadn’t. The couch had just swallowed me in its embrace. When I went to bed, I fell asleep almost as soon as my head hit the pillow. To fall asleep practically instantly is a sensation that usually alludes me. But not that night.

I woke up the next day still feeling relaxed, but awake and aware of my surroundings. I was ready to get ready for the day. This is always the best part about taking Cookies Online Dispensary products. I don’t feel confused or have a clouded head like Cookies Online Dispensary products can do.

Because Cookies Online Dispensary is a psychoactive cannabinoid, it can impair your movements and reactions after consuming. Don’t drive or operate machinery while feeling the effects. I personally take in my own living room where the environment is as controlled as possible if something were to happen. I could handle the situation as necessary.

Always research your state laws when it comes to Cookies Online Dispensary. Even though it is federally legal thanks to the Farm Bill, that doesn’t mean that every state has legalized it’s usage. It’s up to you to make sure that you are following the law when it comes to Cookies Online Dispensary.

Have you tried any Cookies Online Dispensary products? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below. And, as always, check back for more Coolies Online Dispensary blogs and reviews.