Pomelo Strain Information

Pomelo is an indica-leaning hybrid marijuana strain bred exclusively by Cookies. Named after the large bright fruit that bares its name, Pomelo is a vibrant strain that gives users a happy head high and pairs well with activities like socializing and video games with friends. This strain has an aroma that unsuprisingly smells like bitter citrus but tastes sweet like a ripe stone fruit – think peaches and apricots. Pomelo is a beautiful strain with thick, frosty trichomes and stunning orange hairs.

What is Pomelo Strain?

Pomelo is one of the many creations of Cookies. It is an Indica-leaning marijuana strain that is created as a result of crossing Mandarin Sunset and GSC. The Pomelo strain comes with a THC content of around 22% and a CBD content of around 0.1%. With Linalool as the dominant terpene, this cannabis has a citrusy taste.

Benefits of Pomelo Strain

This weed is reported to cause energizing effects. When you smoke these buds, you will feel a sense of euphoria at first. The cerebral high will help you get ready for any social event or to get some work done. These effects last for quite some time before fading into physical relaxation. Since it doesn’t cause the body to shut down completely, this may be a good option for an afternoon or evening smoke, especially for those smokers with a good THC tolerance. For beginners, though, it may prove to be a little too much to handle.

Because of its combination of energizing and calming effects, this cannabis can be useful for patients suffering from mood swings, muscular tension, chronic pain, and inflammation.

Aroma, Taste, and Appearance of Pomelo Strain

The three main terpenes found in this weed are:

  • Linalool
  • Limonene
  • Caryophyllene

What this combination translates to is an aroma that is citrusy as well as earthy. The buds will also remind you of the Pomelo fruit when you smell them. The sweet and sour notes of the aroma find their way into the taste as well. However, the taste has stronger notes of fresh soil with musky tones.

Cultivation of Pomelo Strain

A well-cultivated batch of this cannabis plant will give you buds that are airy with a mint green color. Crystal-like trichomes cover the buds almost completely, almost giving them a glow. To contrast these light colors, orange pistils are also present on the buds.

The Pomelo experience is described by many to include a euphoric and energizing, cerebral experience, that compliments an array of social activities and outdoor adventures.These long-lasting effects slowly descend into a relaxing and tranquil body high, that many noted eased their chronic pain, mood swings, and muscle tension.

THC levels average in the upper teens and lower twenties, and the terpenes presenting dominantly in Pomelo are Linalool, Limonene, and Beta-Caryophyllene.When cultivated properly, the buds of Pomelo are mint green and airy. Crystal trichomes coat the entire surface giving the buds a frosty glow. Fuzzy orange pistils can be found peeking their way through these trichome-rich buds.

A cross between GSC and Mandarin Sunset, Pomelo’s aroma and flavor mimic its namesake, the Pomelo fruit. Breaking apart the buds will release an earthy citrus aroma that is both sour and sweet.When combusted, its taste is similar, with a heavier essence of fresh soil and musk.