Pomelo Strain Information

As a 60/40 hybrid leaning toward the indica side of the scale, Pomelo is the ideal strain for relaxing without getting couch-locked. Aside from its pain-relieving power, this strain is also popular for offering a citrus scent and rich peach-like flavor, which is a little reminiscent of Grape Ape.

Pomelo Strain Information

You don’t have to seek out the unusual citrus fruit known as a Pomelo just to get the experience of enjoying one. Just like the fruit lending the name, this strain smells bitter and sour at first but is surprisingly sweet to taste. It’s great for relaxing without falling asleep, making it a viable choice for early morning and afternoon sessions.

About this Hybrid Strain

Another Indica dominant creation by Cookies, Pomelo brings a sweet and sour citrus flavor, reminiscent of the grapefruit ancestor it is named after.

The Pomelo experience is described by many to include a euphoric and energizing, cerebral experience, that compliments an array of social activities and outdoor adventures. These long-lasting effects slowly descend into a relaxing and tranquil body high, that many noted eased their chronic pain, mood swings, and muscle tension.

THC levels average in the upper teens and lower twenties, and the terpenes presenting dominantly in Pomelo are Linalool, Limonene, and Beta-Caryophyllene. When cultivated properly, the buds of Pomelo are mint green and airy. Crystal trichomes coat the entire surface giving the buds a frosty glow. Fuzzy orange pistils can be found peeking their way through these trichome-rich buds.

A cross between GSC and Mandarin Sunset, Pomelo’s aroma and flavor mimics its namesake, the Pomelo fruit. Breaking apart the buds will release an earthy citrus aroma that is both sour and sweet. When combusted, its taste is similar, with a heavier essence of fresh soil and musk.

Overall, fans of Pomelo have shared this strain to provide a euphoric and uplifting experience combined with a relaxing body high that helped those who needed to be productive and mobile while decreasing pain and inflammation.