Lemonnade Cake Mix Strain Review

The Cake Mix strain by Lemonnade has lots of positive things going for it. Beautiful packaging, strong genetics, characteristically high test results. Unlike my review of another Cookies Brands product, the Honey Bun strain, this one had me impressed.

Washington State has been pushing the Cookies-and-Friends strains hard to consumers. This Cake Mix strain by Lemonnade is yet another Wedding Cake cross, but I found the high to be productive and enjoyable.

Who is Lemonnade?

Lemonnade is the sister company of Cookies. I just recently reviewed Honey Buns by Cookies, a review you can find here. The hip-hop artist Berner partnered with breeder Brett Wilson to create a dispensary experience emphasizing Sativa strains.

Cake Mix genetics only has one Sativa Hybird parent; Lemon Pound Cake #75. The resulting strain leans much more towards the Wedding Cake parent in my opinion.

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I was excited to try the Cake Mix strain flower because I had been disappointed by the brand in another review. I also enjoy Sativa flower over Indica and this brand is supposed to specialize in Sativa, although the Cake Mix is an Indica strain.

The packaging was nice, as always. It doesn’t include social media information but it does list the website, which is informative. I was expecting a lemon-like terpene profile but instead found a strong gassy cake profile.

The flower was a nice structure, just a little fox-tailed. This seems to be a trend for Cookies Brands. The flavor was like a Biscoff cookie, shortbread really came through.

I found that the high was perfect for getting my chores done around the house. I would definitely recommend the Cake Mix strain to those who like Indica strains to feel productive. Truly an enjoyable experience, overall I gave the Cake Mix one of the highest overall scores I’ve awarded thus far.


  • 27% THC
  • <2% CBD


  • Lineage: LPC75 x Wedding Cake
  • Indica dominant Hybrid
  • Original Breeder: The Real Lemonnade