Honey Bun Strain Review

The Honey Bun strain is a delicious mix resulting from crossing Gelatti, and Honey B. Seed Junkie Genetics and Cookies tried to create something similar to honey buns in effects. The result is a 50/50 hybrid loved by fans for its softness and lightness. Despite its high potency, cannabis is suitable for beginners.

Taste of Honey Bun Strain

Marijuana has large and grape-like buds. These are dark green pieces with fragile orange hairs. They are covered with frosty trichomes. The Honey Bun weed strain tastes impressive. The primary terpene, caryophyllene, gives marijuana such flavors like:

  • Skunk
  • Lavender
  • Nutty

Myrcene also participated in the formation of taste, as it endowed the buds with a strong smell of herbs.

Reported Info

The main cannabinoid in marijuana is THC, which makes up approximately 19-21% of the content. The weed also contains other components:

  • CBD (0.76 – 1.02%)
  • CBC (0.38 – 1.49%)
  • CBG (0.12 – 1.27%)
  • CBN (0.18 – 0.37%)
  • THCV (0.35 – 1.83%)

As you smoke the joint, you slowly feel your body fill with tingling sensations that will relax your body. Weed lifts weedheads’ moods and allows them to calm down. While the body is physically relaxed, thoughts fly upwards. It is the time for creative and creative people. Unfortunately, cannabis won’t let you work hard. It’s more of a cerebral high. Excessive use of marijuana is fraught with severe side effects, such as drowsiness or dizziness. Also, be prepared to get thirsty.

Medicinal Benefits

Due to its effects, as well as its high potency, cannabis can relieve pain and inflammation. Patients can also use the herb to relieve stress and insomnia. A common type of marijuana high helps temporarily suppress symptoms of depression.

Tips for Growing

Unfortunately, there is little information on growing the variety, as growers received practically no seeds from this plant. Those lucky ones who still managed to do this must come to terms with the vagaries of this bush. When grown indoors, the plant emits such a pungent odor that you will not be able to stay with Honey Buns for a long time. With proper cultivation, marijuana becomes resistant to diseases and pests. After ten weeks of diligent cultivation, you can get 550 grams per plant.