Honey Bun Strain

Honey Bun Strain Full Review

Honey Bun is a wonderful cross between Honey B and Gelatti created by professionals from Cookies and Seed Junkie Genetics.

This cannabis is named due to its sweet taste, which smokers most often associate with floral, lavender, nutty, and, of course, honey aromas. On the exhalation, they feel slightly spicy notes.

Honey Bun strain is loved not only for its bright taste but also for the feeling of mental and physical relaxation, a sense of lightness, and a really good mood. A slight tingling sensation also accompanies its action throughout the body, and, as some users admit, it even has a slightly aphrodisiac effect.

Honey Bun marijuana has a high THC level of approximately 20% – 24%, so both rookies and seasoned users may enjoy its effects without being overwhelmed.

Consumers often choose it to combat ailments such as chronic pain, stress, and depression. Its medicinal properties are also used to treat seizures, various types of spasms, and insomnia.

The breeders report the lack of Honey Bun seeds on the market. No wonder that the information about growing this exact is almost absent on the Internet

Honey Bun Strain

There was no information on the packaging so I did a little research for you. According to Cookies, Honey Bun is a hybrid strain from Seed Junkie Genetics. Named for the classic treat because of its sweet, tasty flavors, of which I noticed very little.

The high is said to be happy and uplifting, which may be so. I found the high to be pleasant. Leafly goes on to say that “The creamy and sweet flavor profile of Honey Bun tastes just like a honey glazed donut and will have you wanting more”. Side note: the Leafly page also has two spelling errors making me additionally skeptical.

Official West Coast Weed Tour Review

The Honey Bun flower by Cookies scored high initially on presentation and appeal. I’m not going to deny that I was very excited to see what all the fuss was about. The color of the flower was light green and frosty. There did seem to be some bud structure concerns, maybe some foxtailing?

The smell just wasn’t there for me. It smelled like flower that had been dried down too quickly. The taste was also uneventful. I got some notes of sweetness but overall just a typical bud flavor. Potency was sitting at 22.8% THC, far short of the “powerful potency” hype I’ve heard.

My experience was overall pleasant, not too stoned, and calm in the body. There was not enough information on the packaging, however. I didn’t even know this was a hybrid strain. The only additional information resource is the website, which isn’t even their real website (it redirects).

Overall, Honey Bun was not a flower I would recommend to anyone looking to see what all the Cookies hype is about.


  • THC 22%
  • CBD 2%