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Georgia Pie Strain Information

Sweet and peachy with a slight savory note, this is one complex strain from Cookies. It’s a potent strain high in THC and CBD alike, providing both a powerful head and body high at the same time. The fruity flavors are somewhat similar to the potent taste of Grape Ape.

 About this Hybrid Strain

This smooth hybrid has a reputation for its relaxing effects and delicious Peach flavor. Originally bred by Seed Junky Genetics, Berner’s Cookie Co. out of California has made this strain commercially available at dispensaries across the West Coast. It is made by crossing the Gellati strain with Kush Mints.

Georgia Pie is slightly indica-dominant and its buds are made of densely-packed and coiled, lime-green leaves. Patches of orange pistils can be found scattered throughout. The coating of fuzzy-trichomes makes over half of the buds surface area appear an amber color.

Georgia Pie has a sweet citrus and pine smell with a wonderful peach cobbler flavor and hints of mint present. The smoke is smooth and surprisingly gentle on the lungs, according to many users.

The high is also reportedly smooth and relaxing, offering the user a chance to unwind from the stressors of the day. This versatile hybrid can be enjoyed anytime, although many users opt for enjoying Georgia Pie the evening before the final meal of the day. Medical users suffering from anxiety and depression may especially find relief from Georgia Pie, as it has earned rave reviews for improving mood. Some even reported an aphrodisiac effect.. Creativity and focus reportedly become enhanced, making Georgia Pie popular among artists and musicians.

What does Georgia Pie look like?

The Georgia Pie flower looks incredible. It is flushed with green and purple anthocyanins (the compounds inside plants that give them their colors). The plant is covered in trichomes and orange hairs that let you know whoever grew the plant has been mastering the art for years.

On the touch, it should be sticky and dense, exactly how you want your nugs. Break them down and the colors mash up together into a pile of orange, purple, and green that will remind you of a fruit bowl from your local buffet.

What does Georgia Pie smell and taste like?

Georgia Pie is heralded for its peach cobbler-like smell and taste. It’s funny because the concentrate form of Georgia Pie definitely does taste sweet like peaches, and has the consistency of the marmalade inside of peach cobbler, the dessert.

On the nose it’s sweet, floral, and fruity; on the taste it really is sweet and the same. It’s also gassy, which is a pleasant surprise. Dab some Georgia Pie hash and you’ll definitely detect the diesel.

All of this is a product of Georgia Pie’s terpene profile, which features an abundance of limonene, caryophyllene, and linalool. Limonene is known for its uplifting qualities, caryophyllene is known for its relaxing qualities, linalool is known for its sedative qualities. With these perceived traits, it is easy to see why Georgia Pie delivers such a heavy euphoria to many of the people who consume it.

Knowing a strain’s terpene profile is helpful in knowing how it may affect you. In the future, the information will be present on most cannabis packaging. Therefore, it’s important to get familiar with them now.

Georgia Pie effects and experience

Georgia Pie is expected to provide a super potent high.

The effects start in the head as an uplifting feeling that relaxes you, and over time, it creeps into your body making you want to just chill for the night.

With its high potency, for many consumers, Georgia Pie delivers a knockout punch. Thus, many medical consumers that struggle with things like pain and/or insomnia might benefit from the heavily potent effects of Georgia Pie.

Some people consider Georgia Pie to be a creative high, great for tossing on a new album and getting lost in an art project. On Leafly, the cultivar’s top three reported effects are relaxed, uplifted, and creative.

Is Georgia Pie a head high or body high?

As with every strain, it’s important to remember that each cannabis product affects people differently. Leafly’s description of Georgia Pie suggests that it could be both a head and body high. Some of Leafly’s reviewers agree. Respect My Region agrees.