Dab Rig

7 Tips to Enjoy Dabbing with a Dab Rig in the USA

Dab rigs are types of water pipes that smokers use to smoke cannabis concentrates or oil. Typically, veterans opt for a dab rig in the USA for dabbing cannabis concentrates to relish the pure THC high. There are also certain basics that can make dabbing an amazing experience for stoners. Sticking to those basics, you can also relish smoking cannabis oils or concentrates with an unforgettable experience.

How to Enjoy Dabbing with an Amazing Experience

You can enjoy dabbing with the best experience if you stick to the basic tips we shall share with you. The following are the tips you should stick to if you want to enjoy dabbing with an amazing experience:

Tip #1: Always Deploy Gloves

Concentrate oils are greasy that can transfer bacteria from your skin to oil if you touch oils with bare hands. Eventually, it will dilute or contaminate your cannabis oil. For the same reason, it is important you wear gloves when you are ready to dab. It will keep your oils free of any contaminants.

Tip #2: Choose a Dedicated Dab Rig

Dabbers have to use an attachment of their water pipes to smoke cannabis concentrates or oils. It can allow the residue from dry herbs stoners smoked before to taint the original flavour of the hit. Nevertheless, stoners can get the best flavours out of their hits from a dab rig if they choose a dedicated dab rig. It will also prevent them from dealing with any potential aftertastes.

Tip #3: Allow Your Dab Nail to Cool after the Heating Process

You might have had a bad experience with dabbing, or you may know someone who had. Perhaps, there is a reason for dabbers to have a bad experience with dabbing. You might have experienced unfavourable tastes or suffered chest discomfort from dabbing. If you or anyone had such an experience, it is probably because you or that person dabbed at too high a temperature. It is important for dabbers to let their dab nails cool after the heating process. A too hot nail can combust cannabis concentrates and eventually lead to an unpleasant inhalation for dabbers.

In addition, high temperatures can also eliminate the compounds that produce the smell and flavourings that stoners pay for. Stoners can avoid these issues if they allow their dab nail or banger to col after the heating process.

Tip #4: Utilize a Carb Cap

A carb cap is a carburetor for a dab rig that restrains the amount of airflow to a dab nail. As a result, it allows dabbers to get the last of their oil to accentuate till the end of their hits. Capping a dab nail restricts the airflow into a dab rig to put a rig under low pressure. It also aids in lowering the boiling temperature of the oil. Further, it gives stoners a blossom of thicker and better-tasting smoke. 

Tip 5: Use a Quartz Nail or Banger

To get the best taste from dab rig in the USA, use a quartz banger or a nail. Besides, you can buy high-quality dab rigs and accessories at affordable prices online from Shop Rite. You can get the best taste of your favourite concentrates if you use quartz nail or banger for dabbing. Further, quartz nails and bangers are more durable than glass nails. In addition, a banger extends from a dab rig to prevent a rig from the torch heat. It can also prevent a dab rig from any possible cracks.  

Tip 6: Clean a Dab Rig Often

In order to get the most out of your hits, you will need a clean dab rig to dab cannabis concentrates. The more often you clean a dab rig, the easier it will become for you to clean it. Moreover, you can taste your cannabis concentrates with the best experience if your dab rig is squeaky clean. It will also aid you in enjoying dabbing without the lingering taste of old cannabis concentrates.

Tip 7: Level up a Dab Rig

You can level up your experience with a dab rig if you upgrade it. You can level up your experience of dabbing if you choose a dab rig with a percolator. A percolator is a sub-chamber that allows the smoke to interact with water and lower the temperature. Consequently, it ensures smoother and cooler hits.


Dab rigs are a kind of water pipes that dabbers use to smoke cannabis concentrates or oils. Moreover, you can enjoy dabbing with the best experience if you stick to the following basics for dabbing:

  1. Always Use Gloves for Dabbing
  2. Pick a Dedicated Dab Rig
  3. Let Your Dab Nail Cool after the Heating Process
  4. Use a Carb Cap
  5. Deploy a Quartz Nail or Banger
  6. Clean a Dab Rig Frequently
  7. Upgrade a Dab Rig

To finish, make sure you buy your dab rig in the USA from a reputable head shop to get your hands on the best rig to dab your cannabis concentres or oils.